Dunkirk Little Ship

Dunkirk Little Ship

'Greta' took part in the evacuation from Dunkirk in 1940, she is the oldest (1892) active Dunkirk Little Ship.

 Association of Dunkirk Little Ships

'Greta' returned to Dunkirk for the 60th anniversary of the evacuation. It was a wonderful Millennium crossing with three veterans (Dick, Bert, and Sid) aboard recalling the memories of their trip across the English Channel in WWII.'Greta' was one of the 70 Dunkirk little ships to brave the crossing.

Dick thought it was strange to get the picture from the Dunkirk Little Ships point of view as Sixty years earlier he had been on the beaches, waiting in the water to be picked up. After the trip Dick wrote to us, sharing his thoughts on the day. “Until now I had never seen it from the Little Ships point of view

I was a soldier on the beach. I, like thousands of others had no idea how long it had taken those frail craft to reach us. All I knew was that they were there and help was at hand. Now I was on one of those little ships that had actually taken part in the evacuation. I could feel the tension as we prepared to enter Dunkirk Harbour.

Slowly we edged our way through the lock gates where an amazing sight met our eyes. Dense crowds lined the water’s edge, cheering, clapping, and shouting words of welcome. Ships were sounding their sirens, the noise was deafening. We three veterans, stood together on the bows of 'Greta', we were the only ones to cross the channel on the Little Ships. The crowd, seeing the medals glinting in the sunlight gave us a special greeting


Skipper Steven Norris spoke with Prince Charles while moored in Dunkirk harbour.

The TV commentator clearly had no idea that Prince Charles would make this impromptu stop. You could hear papers being shuffled as he tried desperately to find out details of the vessel and the name of its skipper. that Prince Charles was talking to, then of course he mis-pronounced 'Greta's' name.


While taking part in the commemoration, a service was held on board for William Horne, a veteran who had passed away before he could make this anniversary trip. His niece had brought his ashes along and represented William's family as he'd promised.

Two sailors from HMS Somerset were posted onboard whilst the rest of the little ships were circling. An RAF memorial flight flew overhead as Steven took 'Greta' out.

The ensign was lowered while William’s ashes were scattered in the sea as a glass was raised in his memory.

Greta also returned to Dunkirk for the 70th Anniversary in 2010 and was used by the BBC as a base for filming interviews  for 'live' news during the crossing and in Dunkirk  Harbour for the main & local BBC news broadcasts.