Greta nearing Red Sands Army Forts in Thames Estuary - Drone image by Photographer Daniel Notcake - Tel Aviv, Israel

Greta Day Trips

We are excited to announce that we are back in Whitstable Harbour and operating Thames Barge trips  from our moorings on the South Quay around the Thames Estuary. 

BOOK ONLINE or call 07711 657919 to book your places.

Please note that we have suspended Standard (up to 6 hours) Sailing trips but will be providing shorter Special trips of 3 - 4 hours under engine with the possibility of limited sailing. With only foresail and mizzen (we have not put the mainsail and topsail on to ensure social distancing and safety)


The trips will be £35 per person weekdays and £45 per person weekends or bank holidays for trips up to 4 hours.  (£40 for longer trips up to 5 hours on   Thur 24 Sep and Fri 25 Sep) and (£50 for longer trip up to 5 hours on Sat 26 Sep.

We are unable to offer refreshments, please bring along your own drinks and snacks.  No alcohol permitted on board.

Any decision not to sail is made by the Skipper for safety reasons.

 Any pre-booked and paid for Standard (up to 6 hours) sailing trips will be moved to the 2021 sailing season.

These Special Trips will depart from the South Quay of Whitstable Harbour in Kent and visit the old Maunsell Army Forts in the Thames Estuary. This route may change depending on wind and tide conditions on the day.

Important - In case of late cancellation by us due to weather conditions or another reason please confirm your trip with the Greta Skipper Steve Norris on 07711 657919 the evening prior to your Special Trip date. If we confirm your trip then please arrive 15 minutes before the departure time. The Gorrell Tank Long Term Car Park is opposite the Harbour. If arriving in Whitstable by train allow 10-15 mins to walk from Whitstable Train Station to the Harbour.

Safety Notes for all Passengers

Passengers board and disembark at their own risk via a near vertical ladder attached to the Harbour wall. Passengers must ensure that they wear suitable clothing and flat footwear. A safety briefing is given on board prior to sailing.

Maximum of up to 12 passengers on each trip   

 Steve Norris - Greta Owner/Skipper 

 COVID 19 – Safety information

·        Face masks and gloves are not essential - but if you prefer to wear them please bring them along.

·        Hand Sanitiser will be provided to be used before going down the ladder & to be used as you come aboard and leaving.

·        If not from the same household, please always keep 2 metres apart – families can sit together.

·        Bring your own refreshments in a small backpack or closed bag – No alcohol please.

·        Additional clothing like raincoats or jumpers also need to be brought along in a closed bag as we are unable to provide.

·        Bathroom Hygiene

o   Only 1 person at a time to access to the bathroom which is below decks and no access to Private quarters.

o   Hand Sanitiser will be provided for use before and after using the bathroom.

o   Please use the supplied paper hand towels and dispose of in the peddle bin provided and use the foot peddle to open the bin

·        Please always follow instructions from the Skipper and Crew – precautions are in place for everyone’s safety and may be subject to change.






Greta Thames Sailing Barge Special Trip (up to 4 hours)

Greta Thames Sailing Barge
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Barge trip from Whitstable Harbour, Kent for up to 4 hours. The trips will be £35 per person weekdays and £45 per person weekends or bank holidays for trips up to 4 hours. (£40 for longer trips up to 5 hours on Thur 24 Sep and Fri 25 Sep)  (£50 for longer trip up to 5 hours on Sat 26 Sep.

Kindly note that we do not offer discounted prices for Seniors or children.

Trips depart from the South Quay of Whitstable Harbour.  We moor adjacent to the Harbour Garden Café.